Jenn Lynn

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healer, and YouTube Sensation

Jenn Lynn - Psychic Medium

"Jenn Lynn is a gift to humanity. Her warm inviting personality, coupled with her compassion and powerful gifts were a true blessing."

"I have had three readings with Jenn Lynn. She is very engaging and inviting, and spends quality time with you."

"I just hung up from a reading with Jenn and it was truly unbelievable. She gave me concrete evidence of the presence of my father and mother before she even asked me the first question. Jenn Lynn is the real deal with no ego involved."


Depiction of 7 chakras in human body

Readings are designed to give you clarity on situations.

I do not tell you what to do, as I do not want to interact with your Free Will. A reading may show you the options or choices that you have. Each reading is personalized and different for each individual.  As a Psychic Medium, I bring through messages from departed loved ones, as well as using Tarot Cards as a tool for clarity.
You may bring into the reading specific questions, or look at the general energy around you and let that energy steer you deeper into the reading.  If you have specific questions, it is a good idea to write them down prior to the reading (no need to send your questions to me) to steer the reading.
Note:  with recently departed loved ones, it can take up to two months after their crossing over before I can connect to them. This time frame may vary. Which departed loved ones on the other side come through is up to spirit. Pets often come through also.

Learn how to send healing white light energy.

Clear chakras, and work through the astral body back into the physical body to adjust alignments, remove negative energy blocks, and restore positive pathways. Open up to your guides and angels to learn how to receive messages.  Anyone can do this!

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I have thought of beaches, fields,

Tears, laughter


I have thought of homes put up -

And blown away


I have thought of meetings and for

Every meeting a good-by.


I have thought of stars going alone,

Orioles in pairs, sunsets in blundering

Wistful deaths


I have wanted to let go and cross over

To a next star, a last star


I have asked to be left a few tears

And some laughter.



~ Carl Sandburg